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Scheduling service. Successful service.  Service documentation. Satisfied customers.

These tasks and duties  require most of your attention on a day-to-day basis. As an asset owner or service provider, maintaining your reputation and ability to meet your clients’  demands is the most important part of your operations. Your employee training, work processes, and mission are built around delivering efficient, accurate, reliable services while creating a business model that allows you to service effectively

Unfortunately, even the best processes are ineffective when there is more than one party involved. As a hired service provider, your work depends on the cooperation of your clients. You need to effectively schedule your work orders to fit your schedule, as well as their needs, and you need their information to effectively do your work.

Good communication and positive interactions can help the success of your servicing, but collaboration can greatly improve your practices and help you retain your clients. To see how you can use real-time collaboration to transform asset servicing, use the tips we’ve pulled together below


Timing is everything in the asset management industry. Your clients lose money for every minute their assets remain out of operation, so your goal is to respond as quickly as possible to minimize their downtime and loss. Your company services thousands of assets, however, so minimizing your turnaround time while also maintaining a schedule you can keep is vital to your success and client retention.

By directly collaborating with your clients, you can create a schedule that works for both parties without stretching yourself thin. By sharing a calendar with your clients, each party can see and respect the other’s schedule. With the ability to see when each client’s assets are due for regular maintenance, weeks before the all-important deadline, you can create a schedule that works for all of your clients and allows you to offer a turnaround time that delights.

Centralized Documents

Documenting services performed is one of the most important elements of asset maintenance. For your records, you need to know who completed the job, which asset they worked with, what they did, and if there are any important notes from the service. Likewise, your clients need much of the same information for their own files, giving them the data they need to stay compliant.

When managing service operations on your own, you have to rely on your technician’s ability to accurately record the right information, keep track of their records, and then reliably store them in the correct place and manner. With so many technicians and so many jobs, the opportunity for error is uncomfortably high. Though you can’t fully eliminate the potential for error, you can minimize the risk by storing your records in a centralized, cloud-based location, accessible by you and your clients. With nearly instantaneous access to your documents, you and your client can ensure the right information is securely recorded and accessible when needed. Plus, in addition to saving time and effort, this feature can improve customer satisfaction and your overall reputation.

Information Sharing

To most effectively service your clients’ assets, you need to know what you are working with. The more information you have about the asset, the type of work needed, and any additional data pertinent to the service, the better your servicing and customer satisfaction will be. By collaborating with clients to access better intel, you can streamline your work processes. This can then allow you to open your schedule to more appointments, expanding your reach and increasing your revenue.

By collaborating with your clients, you can make sure you and your technicians have the resources needed to do quality work. As an asset service provider, your biggest priorities are the satisfaction and retention of your current clients, the steady growth of your business capabilities, and reliable revenue to continue pursuing these goals. By working together to ensure the successful service, and thus compliance, of each asset, you can help each other accomplish your goals without sacrificing time or revenue on either end.

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