What We Offer

At Qualer, we’ve created an innovative, transformative, collaborative and compliant asset service event management platform. As we developed our collaborative ecosystem, we focused on several key aspects that drive our work, success, and every decision.

Our aim is to provide solutions and service that delight every customer by surpassing expectations. As we work to deliver the value and successes you have hired us for, we will always do the right thing and lead you to the right decisions. You are the most valuable member of our team and we will always treat you accordingly.

To do something great, we must also do it well. To create and maintain the value we offer to our customers, partners, and stakeholders, we promise to take ownership and accountability for everything we do — both the good and the bad. By being creative and innovative in every area of our business, we can do more with less and generate a profit that will fuel our efforts for years to come.

We want to create a world where collaboration absolves companies from managing the service and lifecycle of their critical assets.

In our everyday tasks and brand new concepts, we commit to being bold in everything we do. We aren’t content to work in an inefficient and broken system, so we work to eliminate poor industry practices by challenging preconceptions and outdated conventions. We aim to be the spark that propels innovation and makes the changes we want to see in our industry, lives, and around the world.

Ideas and solutions are useless without action. To create lasting changes and effective innovations, we put in the effort to get things done. We don’t believe in putting anything off till tomorrow, acting with a sense of urgency as learn, teach, and improve the skills we need along the way. Most importantly, we commit to an egoless pursuit of progress. We lead so that others can continue to expand the innovations we create, making a lasting global effect.

In asset service management and beyond, we believe that collaboration between companies provides the greatest the greatest advantage we have in making a difference. Our solutions are built to foster inclusiveness, collaboration, and openness, creating memorable experiences and connecting the visionaries and doers in our industry. As a partner and member of our collaborative experience, we actively work to bring together peers, customers, regulatory bodies, associations, and organizations across the globe.


Leadership Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex Spector

Alex is a visionary behind the collaborative quality network of Qualer. His Life Science industry and calibration service experience spans 20+ years and is marked by pioneering solutions and original products used by 14,000 companies worldwide.

Co-Founder & Head of Technology

Michael Morozov

Over his 27 years in software development, Michael has developed and maintained a passion for solving real-life problems with innovative application architectures. With dual Masters Degrees in software engineering and applied mathematics, he has built a career founded in continuous learning and applying his knowledge and experience to a wide variety of industries, including biotechnology, pharma, healthcare, commerce, recreation, entertainment and others. Evidence of his expertise can be seen in his work on over 20 successful projects and implementations for well known and respected organizations including several from Fortune 100 list. Outside of his work, Michael is applying his creative energy to numerous hobbies, such as professional photography, gardening, astronomy, and music making.

Chief Commercial Officer | Co-Founder

Jake Jacanin

Jake’s dynamic leadership and vast experience have led him to develop a reputation for innovation and passion in every project he joins. During his 22 years in life sciences and more than 10 years in software and service sales, he has become a leader in sales and the driving force behind key relationship development in his industry. Year after year while in sales and business development roles, he has consistently exceeded his revenue goals, achieving millions in sales for his employers and organizations. Throughout his career, Jake has gained in-depth experience in the areas of Research & Process Development, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Clinical, Regulatory, Manufacturing, Facility Operations, Business Development and Sales. With his passion for understanding and meeting customer expectations and using technology to meet their needs, Jake offers Qualer the essential elements needed to succeed.