What Is Metrology? And the Future of Measurement

Metrology is the study of measurement, and is inseparable from the needs of scientific accuracy. For thousands of years, standards of measurement and calibration have helped advance discovery. Metrology in the modern era relies upon a host of devices, from probes to software to revolutionary tools previously only imagined in science fiction. As technology changes rapidly, the need for advanced metrology solutions increases. 

Researchers and manufacturers rely upon metrology to ensure accuracy in results. As more products enter the market that promise such standards for quality, it can become bewildering to sift through the choices that an organization should use to keep its instruments operating nominally. Another challenge is how to validate metrology devices. 

Providing customers with the right education and tools to address their metrology concerns becomes paramount. Different companies may approach this in different ways. Some choose to outsource metrology services. Others provide a more personable approach, working directly with metrology devices and/or software that sync with their own in-house asset control, thereby building a strong rapport with the metrology service provider. 

Understanding the needs for accurate devices is only one step in the process to achieve quality and reproducibility. The implementation of metrology services in any form entails taking time to explore all options. Educating clients on the benefits of metrology modernization can go a long way in establishing trust and camaraderie going forward. 

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An Introduction to Metrology and Quality in Manufacturing

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