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Vacuum Technology (VTI) headquarters are in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and sit in the foothills of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Oak Ridge has long been a center of technical excellence being the site of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and many high technology companies. Against this backdrop, VTI has steadily grown over 20 years both in size and capability. The company now has over 50 employees and offers complete production, from the smallest calibrated leak to the largest system, design and fabrication all under one roof

Oak Ridge, TN, 37830

A2LA : 1707.01



A2LA : 1707.01


Hours : M-F 08:00 – 17:30

Street Address : 1003 Alvin Weinberg Drive

City, State, Postal Code : Oak Ridge, TN, 37830


Qualer is everything you need to manage your entire asset management and service process. Formalize and automate maintenance processes and prove ROI through an ecosystem that brings your vendors, assets, and service records together.

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