The Importance of Good Lab Management for Reliable Research Results

In scientific research, the quality and reliability of study results depend largely on the management practices of the lab. A lab with poor management can compromise the validity and reproducibility of research in many ways, including through inaccurate data, inconsistency, and errors. One critical aspect of lab management is equipment management, which can have a … Read more

Why is lab management important to pass audits?

Lab management is a critical component of any organization that conducts research or testing, as it ensures that data is collected, recorded, and stored in a consistent and compliant manner. This is especially important when it comes to passing audits, as auditors will closely examine a lab’s processes and procedures to ensure that they meet … Read more

PCR Consumables validation with Lab Management Software

How to manage PCR Products with Lab Management Software

PCR consumables are supplies that are used during the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process. PCR consumables include items such as PCR Strip tubes, 96 Well Plates and tips. Other PCR consumables include  primers, enzymes, and reagents. They are used to amplify specific DNA or RNA sequences in a sample using the PCR process. The consumables … Read more

PCR Consumables validation with Lab Management Software

What PCR Reagents are used in a laboratory

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique used to amplify specific regions of DNA. It involves making many copies of a specific DNA fragment using enzymes called polymerases. The process involves heating and cooling a mixture of DNA template, primers, a thermostable DNA polymerase (such as Taq polymerase), and the four deoxynucleoside triphosphates (dNTPs) required … Read more

Bioscience Compliance Management Solutions,

Intelligence at the Edge With Bioscience Regulations Solution

In the modern bioscience laboratory, equipment needs to be at hand or traceable at a moment’s notice. The inefficient methods of the past led to human error: misplacement of equipment, potentially faulty records, and so on.Searching for lab assets with old methods takes too long, and invites errors and loss of certifications. Such a loss of … Read more

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration: Meeting Your Needs

Your organization needs instruments that can ensure accuracy, precision, and reproducibility, all key tenets of scientific research quality. Keeping instruments calibrated for such a task becomes paramount. So what does it mean to have ISO 17025 accreditation, and how can Qualer help? What is IEC/ISO 17025 Certification? ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation refers to a cooperative agreement … Read more

GMP Compliance Propels the Life Sciences Market

Life Sciences Market Depends On GMP Compliance

Why is GMP Compliance Necessary? Government regulatory bodies help protect lives by ensuring the safety of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and any other products that could affect health. In order for new products to be put to market, these agencies provide guidelines for regulatory compliance. That is the essential step in ensuring safety.Good Manufacturing Practice … Read more

Compliance Management Validation Documents

Compliant Validation Certificates and Service Event Tracking

Certificates and Service Event Tracking The importance of calibration in scientific disciplines cannot be understated. For scientific accuracy, instruments must function according to their designed use. But calibration goes beyond this, ensuring the essential need for reproducibility of results in scientific research and testing. Scientific assets requiring calibration also need the certification to document their … Read more

Introducing Qualer 2.8 Asset Management Update

In 2020, you can be more efficient and cost effective with Qualer 2.8! This release delivers more robust features, flexibility, and tools to efficiently manage your equipment and calibration processes. You asked and Qualer continues to deliver! Additionally, we have taken security protocols to the next level with new user roles and Qualer’s Identity Service … Read more

Why Does a Lab Need Validation Documents & Compliance

Your business requires compliance and validation. But what does validation mean? At its simplest, validation is a method used to regulate electronic records and signatures. So how did this all begin, and what significance does validation hold today? A Brief History of Validation As technology advanced during the early 1990s, it became clear that organization … Read more