Qualer Compliance Technology Can Make a Huge Difference: COVID-19

Qualer Compliance Technology Can Make a Huge Difference: COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has jolted all aspects of life. Within the life science and pharmaceutical industries, the repercussions of dealing with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 has taken center stage. The rapidly changing knowledge about the virus and the resulting disease, COVID-19, has meant a race against time to find treatments, vaccines, and supplies to help … Read more

Compliance Management Covid

How Qualer Can Help During COVID-19

How Qualer Can Help During COVID-19 The disruption to life as we know it cannot be understated in the unfolding wake of COVID-19. Your health and safety matter above all other considerations, and we at Qualer wish you and yours good health. Navigating Work in a Crisis In this uncertain time, reliability and assistance are … Read more

GMP Compliance Propels the Life Sciences Market

Life Sciences Market Depends On GMP Compliance

Why is GMP Compliance Necessary? Government regulatory bodies help protect lives by ensuring the safety of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and any other products that could affect health. In order for new products to be put to market, these agencies provide guidelines for regulatory compliance. That is the essential step in ensuring safety.Good Manufacturing Practice … Read more

Audit Readiness Compliance Management

How To Enable Audit Readiness and Full Compliancy

Compliance with regulations is paramount to reliable business, and scientific research in particular. Audits verify that compliance is maintained in facilities. The ideal scenario for an institution is to be as prepared as possible for an audit. This eliminates additional stress, and ensures a smooth audit. Preparing for Audits When preparing for an audit, there … Read more

Compliance Management Validation Documents

Compliant Validation Certificates and Service Event Tracking

Certificates and Service Event Tracking The importance of calibration in scientific disciplines cannot be understated. For scientific accuracy, instruments must function according to their designed use. But calibration goes beyond this, ensuring the essential need for reproducibility of results in scientific research and testing. Scientific assets requiring calibration also need the certification to document their … Read more

Introducing Qualer 2.8 Asset Management Update

In 2020, you can be more efficient and cost effective with Qualer 2.8! This release delivers more robust features, flexibility, and tools to efficiently manage your equipment and calibration processes. You asked and Qualer continues to deliver! Additionally, we have taken security protocols to the next level with new user roles and Qualer’s Identity Service … Read more

Benefits of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

Benefits of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

Accreditation is vitally important for service providers and calibration labs in every industry. Though voluntary, accreditation can often dictate the success of your business and your ability to maintain a steady stream of revenue. Finding new ways to support the growth and quality of your business is one of your most important day-to-day concerns, so … Read more

Why Does a Lab Need Validation Documents & Compliance

Your business requires compliance and validation. But what does validation mean? At its simplest, validation is a method used to regulate electronic records and signatures. So how did this all begin, and what significance does validation hold today? A Brief History of Validation As technology advanced during the early 1990s, it became clear that organization … Read more

Lab Asset Management Through One Dashboard

Asset Management Through One Dashboard

When monitoring, managing, and servicing numerous assets across your client’s organizations and your own, visibility and understanding are vital to your success. As part of our exploration of Qualer’s innovative features and functionalities, we’re taking a closer look at the comprehensive dashboards offered through our platform. To see how you can use the Company, Asset, … Read more