Why is lab management important to pass audits?

Lab management is a critical component of any organization that conducts research or testing, as it ensures that data is collected, recorded, and stored in a consistent and compliant manner. This is especially important when it comes to passing audits, as auditors will closely examine a lab’s processes and procedures to ensure that they meet … Read more

3 Tips to Get Ready For Your Laboratory Audit

Everything You Need to Know About Laboratory Auditing for Quality and Regulatory Compliance Audit regulations and compliance readinessMany systems in the market today may not adequately ensure the appropriate preventive maintenance services and verifications to ensure that your performed activities adhere to the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Having the right tools … Read more

Bioscience Compliance Management Solutions,

Intelligence at the Edge With Bioscience Regulations Solution

In the modern bioscience laboratory, equipment needs to be at hand or traceable at a moment’s notice. The inefficient methods of the past led to human error: misplacement of equipment, potentially faulty records, and so on.Searching for lab assets with old methods takes too long, and invites errors and loss of certifications. Such a loss of … Read more

Calibration Management Industry Trends

Trends in Calibration Management Industries

The life sciences industry relies upon accuracy and precision to provide the highest quality of research and products. As such, calibration of instruments is used to hold any tools used in laboratories to the most stringent quality standards. With high growth in the sectors of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the need for greater efficiency becomes paramount … Read more

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration: Meeting Your Needs

Your organization needs instruments that can ensure accuracy, precision, and reproducibility, all key tenets of scientific research quality. Keeping instruments calibrated for such a task becomes paramount. So what does it mean to have ISO 17025 accreditation, and how can Qualer help? What is IEC/ISO 17025 Certification? ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation refers to a cooperative agreement … Read more

Asset Tracking: Find What You Need For Work With Qualer Search

Asset Tracking: Find What You Need For Work With Qualer Search

With the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the importance of rapid research and production capabilities has never been greater. You need to maintain your laboratory assets at peak condition. To do that, you may need to search for accredited vendors outside of your typical partnerships. To maintain and calibrate your assets and find vendors based on various … Read more

Qualer Compliance Technology Can Make a Huge Difference: COVID-19

Qualer Compliance Technology Can Make a Huge Difference: COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has jolted all aspects of life. Within the life science and pharmaceutical industries, the repercussions of dealing with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 has taken center stage. The rapidly changing knowledge about the virus and the resulting disease, COVID-19, has meant a race against time to find treatments, vaccines, and supplies to help … Read more

Compliance Management Covid

How Qualer Can Help During COVID-19

How Qualer Can Help During COVID-19 The disruption to life as we know it cannot be understated in the unfolding wake of COVID-19. Your health and safety matter above all other considerations, and we at Qualer wish you and yours good health. Navigating Work in a Crisis In this uncertain time, reliability and assistance are … Read more

GMP Compliance Propels the Life Sciences Market

Life Sciences Market Depends On GMP Compliance

Why is GMP Compliance Necessary? Government regulatory bodies help protect lives by ensuring the safety of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and any other products that could affect health. In order for new products to be put to market, these agencies provide guidelines for regulatory compliance. That is the essential step in ensuring safety.Good Manufacturing Practice … Read more