For Service Providers | Qualer

For Service Providers

Automate your business 
with a single system

Metrology based calibration system
Qualer models your unique SOPs within its deep 
metrology based calibration environment. Say
goodbye to messy manual processes and clunky software.

Harmonized and orchestrated workflows
Workflows that bridge you and your customers' tasks
keep everyone moving forward together.

See where you are
Every week you see exactly what instruments are due for
service so you won't miss an opportunity to keep your
customers' assets under full control.

Work in an environment designed for you
Qualer has all of the right controls, tracking, and 
infrastructure built in to allow you to run your service
based on 17025 accredited industry standards.

Expand Your Bottom Line

Delight and keep your customers

Qualer allows you to take responsibility for your
customers' assets providing unheard of levels of
proactive service on their behalf. Better service
means better business.

Do more for your customers

Are your customers under-served? 
Qualer arms you with real insights into win-win 
sales and service opportunities.

Dynamic certificates and service histories

Qualer reduces busy work by providing service 
certificates and histories to your customers 
through the network.

Leverage the expertise 
of your industry

Pre-populated with product information
Access thousands of pre-built product 
specifications so you can move faster and 
service more instruments.

Capture new streams of revenue
The Qualer marketplace matches life science companies
in need with your specific capabilities. Maintain a rich
public profile and be matched more often.