Quality Asset Tracking Software for Quality People

Quality software should be more than a tool that does what it was built to do. Instead, it should provide innovative functionality and enhanced solutions, minimizing efforts in performing everyday tasks, improving operations, and increasing compliance within organizations.

In our industry, quality software is no longer just a useful tool, but an absolute necessity that is essential and critical for proper business operations. For the individuals who devote their time, effort, and energy to managing assets and associated services, the right software is critical for performing daily functions. Adequate software is no longer enough and a much better software solution and higher standard is needed.

At Qualer, we are in the business of providing innovative software that transforms the way assets are managed and services are performed. Rather than restrict our focus to just creating amazing software, we’re committed to using Qualer to improve the lives of those responsible for these assets.

We believe that all asset stakeholders deserve tools that support their hard work, so join us this month as we explore the industry’s need for quality software for quality people.

Quality Software – Current Shortcomings

While all CMMS software should adequately help stakeholders monitor assets, these tools should also be designed to decrease the responsibility and pressure placed on users. Unfortunately, current software often falls short of industry needs, adding to the stress by creating compliance uncertainty, using troublesome processes, and lacking a vital inter-industry connection.

  1. Compliance Uncertainty

For all stakeholders, compliance is a top concern. Asset owners need to stay compliant to maintain operations and service providers need to keep assets compliant to retain business. With the current state of CMMS software, however, confidently confirming compliance is nearly impossible. Since many tools lack a way to view organization-wide asset compliance in a single location or through mobile devices, managers have to repeatedly perform manual checks to confirm their compliance. As we’ve heard from many managers, this shortcoming also bleeds into their personal lives. Every minute spent away from the office is another chance to miss something important, so this uncertainty consumes their minds and lives at all times.

Without a way to view a client’s compliance state in real-time, service providers are also left in the dark about service schedules and needs. Combined with lengthening downtime and turnaround time, this can also create a chaotic schedule. When vendors can’t anticipate the service needs of their clients, last-minute service events and work uncertainty can hurt both the company and everyone who works there.

  1. Ineffective Processes

There are dozens of asset lifecycle management solutions available, but most lack primary functions that can streamline work processes. Many, for example, offer empty data silos to users upon joining. These organizations are then required to spend hundreds of hours inputting data into their systems, which are often incompatible with other solutions. Since stakeholders can’t use a single tool for every area of their work and can’t easily share data across these platforms, they’re left taking up the slack. As valuable time is spent making up for these shortcomings and manually confirming compliance, an organization’s potential growth and success is stunted.

  1. Isolated and Unconnected

We live in a world dependent on connectivity. This connectivity has changed our lives, but it hasn’t made its way into the asset lifecycle management industry and, most damaging, into our software. Without the ability to connect with other asset stakeholders to seamlessly share our data, our work and success are limited. This disconnection, both within and outside of our organizations, restricts our reach and growth, forcing us to use old methods in a new world and limiting the means we can use to achieve success.

Quality People

Our industry is full of men and women who have devoted their lives to their work. All of them, and you, have kept asset lifecycle management possible and successful for decades. Now, to keep our organizations alive and successful, we need new ways to work and new tools to make this work possible.

To qualify as quality software, we need tools that enable us to evolve for better results and processes. We know the desire to change is there, we just need the tools to make it happen.

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