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At Qualer, we’ve developed a powerful, intelligent asset and service management software solution designed for lab managers and service providers alike. Our 21 CFR Part 11 validated platform is built to automate your calibration and service event scheduling and streamline the induction of new assets into your operation.

Qualer digitizes your asset management workflows

Qualer digitizes your asset management workflows, centralizing documentation and reporting to keep you organized and prepare you for audit. With our secure, cloud-based platform you’ll be able to communicate with service providers and manage your facility 24/7, no matter where in the world you might need to be. With Qualer you’ll get:

  • Fast, easy implementation and asset induction
  • Pricing proportional to your lab’s asset count with cost-effective growth in mind
  • Improved ease of scalability with early adoption of best practices
  • Real-time compliance and audit readiness in regulated industries
  • Hands on training and support included with your subscription

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At Qualer, we’ve created a transformative and collaborative, compliant asset and service management software solution.

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