Qualer Compliance Technology Can Make a Huge Difference: COVID-19

Qualer Compliance Technology Can Make a Huge Difference: COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has jolted all aspects of life. Within the life science and pharmaceutical industries, the repercussions of dealing with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV2 has taken center stage. The rapidly changing knowledge about the virus and the resulting disease, COVID-19, has meant a race against time to find treatments, vaccines, and supplies to help make diagnostic testing rapid, streamlined, and accurate. Qualer provides numerous solutions to help at this time, and going forward.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Qualer’s platform draws upon the power of its innovative ecosystem. You need to know where your necessary equipment is, how well it is operating, and how to maintain it. Qualer’s asset service event management platform helps streamline your laboratory assets. With Calibration Management Software, Maintenance Management Software, and Lab Management Software, Qualer gives you the tools to meet the challenges your business faces.

Calibration Management Software

You need to be sure your lab instruments work in a time of peak demand, such as in this current crisis. Qualer offers a Calibration Management Software platform that uses Cloud infrastructure, allowing you real-time access to calibration status and documentation. With this software, you can ensure ISO 17025 CMC validation, quickly gain access to manufacturer and customer specification libraries for correct tolerances, and digital complete calibration reports, generate certificates, and labels.

Other valuable features include technician scheduling and work management, customer account management and processing, and lab operation work queues and asset status, to name a few. Service speeds right now are paramount, so you can also use Qualer’s Calibration management Software to schedule calibration services for quick turnaround. Qualer helps you keep your essential laboratory assets up to date, organized, and efficient.

Maintenance Management Software         

Now is not the time for downtime. Let Qualer’s Maintenance Management Software guide you in a time of peak demand. You need your operations to run smoothly, so essential research and testing can occur. When assets need repairs or regular service, vital time is lost. This time needs to be reduced. Qualer’s collaborative ecosystem allows for automation of workflows with your team and vendors. Third-party vendors can be defined and their service automated for your specific assets, using Qualer’s platform. Qualer allows for the elimination of time-consuming manual processes. You can access vendor service documentation automatically once work is completed.

Metrology and maintenance teams can work in real-time with Qualer’s Maintenance Management Software, giving managers oversight, timely review, and the ability to sign off work performed. Maintenance Management Software allows for you to schedule service, track status, and monitor service execution form a single command and control interface. Digital dashboards keep everything streamlined, with instant updates on how workflow proceeds. This also fits in well for current work scenarios that require physical distancing.

Other important features for Maintenance Management Software include the automation of work reports and services filed with each asset’s service history. This ensures efficiency and compliance. Employee Dashboards ensure your employees can view assets and data related to other positions. Maintenance and facilities ticketing is also streamlined, so you can log requests for maintenance, service, and repairs. Stay on top of your asset management, when time is of the essence, and keep your assets functioning.

Lab Management Software

Qualer’s Lab Management Software gives you Cloud-based asset compliance capabilities. Take away time lags and guesswork in your asset management. You need to know your tools are compliant, and can do the monumental work required during this new era and going forward.

Qualer’s Compliance Dashboard ensures total compliance and audit readiness, managing all your assets in an easy-to-use format on the dashboard. You can immediately access asset status and upcoming deadlines across your organization.

Qualer also offers the GAMP®5 Lab Management Software validation package, which allows you to use the system in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 from the minute you join. Qualer minimizes your compliance work by providing reliable management of the IQ/OQ/PQ documentation and processes needed for system validation.

Real-time alerts also strengthen compliance accountability of your assets. The alert choices give you considerable power to notify vendors, facilities, and team members about service events well in advance.

Qualer’s platform also gives you pre-loaded User Manuals, Technical Specifications, Data Sheets, Brochures, and Installation and Operation Procedures documents. You need information quickly, to do your work quickly. Qualer gives you that power.

Remote Tracking

The remote functioning aspects of Qualer’s multiple platforms also give you piece of mind from afar. In a time of physical distancing, you need to know how your assets are performing. And with Qualer’s Cloud-based capabilities, you can find out all you need quickly.

Find out how Qualer can help you manage your asset calibration, maintenance, and other vital functions at Qualer.com.

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