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High Flyin’ – An Interview With Cesar “Jun” Bautista, PhD

As we work with companies in the metrology industry, it’s an honor to meet the leaders in this space and learn about the many paths taken

into this field. A great example is Dr. Cesar “Jun” Bautista. Jun has invested 35 years in the metrology industry, 16 years of which were in Life Sciences related. Jun earned his PhD from MIT, MBA fromHarvard Business School, and a Master of Arts from the University of Oklahoma. In addition, he has over 20 years of USAF PMEL experience and spent 7 years running operations at calibration companies, one of which he co-founded.

That’s one impressive resume. Over a series of emails and conversations, Jun graciously gave me a look behind the resume.

As a kid, Jun wasn’t dreaming about Metrology – His dream was to be a pilot like his dad. “I had a love for flying ever since I was a child, but what was important to me was the role my father had in serving his country,” he explained. “He flew for Air America and USAID, and I wanted to continue that legacy of service to the country, which I did.”

During his time in the United States Air Force, he was enrolled in Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) school as part of his peacetime job as Maintenance Officer while in between flying status. As his interest in Metrology grew, it gradually became his second love, and the rest is history.

For Jun, the most significant project in his career was participating in the research group that pioneered the use of nanobubbles, which eventually became the driver for the use of gold nanoparticles in the reduction of brain tumors. “It was something totally novel to me because I’m not a medical doctor, but there I was performing procedures on a human brain tumor using the most recent device known as the Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP),” Jun reflected.

During one talk, I wanted to learn more about what inspired and motivated Jun. I randomly asked him if he had a choice to sign up for space or ocean exploration which would he pick. He took me by surprise and chose ocean exploration. Jun thinks Inner Space holds a lot more unknowns/secrets than Outer Space. When it comes to books, Fantastic Voyage by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, has had the greatest influence on his life – It’s what inspired him to pursue research in the field of nanorobotics, intra-cellular drug delivery, and nano medicine.

Jun is known for his humility and the way he openly shares knowledge about Metrology. Many people seek him for advice and for access to his perspective. Jun continues to play an active role in advising companies and serving on boards, so it was only natural for me to ask about his thoughts on innovation in the metrology industry and the role of startups in moving the industry forward. “Metrology of the future will be sensor based, and the concept of NIST on a chip is already here,” he explained. “Startups need to form into a clustered cooperative business groups to ensure sustained profitability and defend against takeover, mergers, and buyouts by holding companies.”

Recently, Jun joined American Gagein California as Chief Operations Officer & Corporate Metrologist and GEO Calibration in Long Island (Ronkonma), New York, as Chief Technology Officer, in addition to several other projects he’s working on. He aspires to make both companies the most dominant organizations in their industries. He believes American Gage will fill the void that SCE left after its closure, and GEO will dominate the temperature/humidity chamber world.

We’re excited to watch Jun lead in these new roles and play a part in moving the metrology industry forward.

For more information on Qualer, please visit www.qualer.com

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