Qualer Now Supports MET/CAL® through MET/CONNECT™

MET/CONNECT™ unlocks calibration and workflow automation in your lab

Qualer now supports Fluke Calibration MET/CAL®

Calibration Management Software through Fluke Calibration MET/CONNECT™

Qualer is a premier asset, maintenance and calibration management system providing a pre-configured, business-in-a-box, best in class, software solution for progressive companies. Fluke Calibration’s MET/CAL® is the leading calibration automation software platform, allowing calibration labs to harness the power of thousands of automated procedures. Qualer and MET/CAL® can now be connected through Fluke Calibration's MET/CONNECT™ integration app. This enables labs to leverage the power of MET/CAL® procedures and provide the results seamlessly to Qualer as their system of record. Qualer's partnership with Fluke Calibration and MET/CONNECT™ provides a seamless way to integrate the two platforms and bring the benefits of automated calibration into the Qualer platform.


The missing piece of your MET/CAL® workflow. Integrate MET/CAL® Calibration Management Software to your workflow with MET/CONNECT™

MET/CONNECT™ was built to bridge the connection from MET/CAL® to your workflow regardless of your chosen solution. Integrate MET/CAL® data to your existing calibration management system with MET/CONNECT’s API or conveniently automate data exports as a .csv file. Qualer has partnered with Fluke Calibration to support MET/CAL® automation. Qualer and MET/CONNECT™ unlock calibration and workflow automation in your lab.

At Qualer, we’ve created a transformative and collaborative, compliant asset and service management software solution.

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