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KES Machine Tools has been leading the field of CNC repair, CNC retrofits and laser calibration since the year 2000. We have decades of combined experience as both end-users and service technicians, and we have what it takes to help your business produce in-tolerance parts quickly and consistently. We know that it’s possible for you to do everything right, and still end up with a part that’s out of tolerance. When that happens, the cause of the problem might your CNC machine tool. Backlash, lack of repeatability, positioning, and geometry errors are just some of the reasons your machine might be producing parts out-of-tolerance

Newington, CT, 6111

A2LA : 4163.01



A2LA : 4163.01


Hours : M-F 08:00 – 17:30

Street Address : 186 Kelsey Street

City, State, Postal Code : Newington, CT, 6111

Phone : 860-612-1718

Email : greg@kesmt.com

Website : http://www.kes.us/



Qualer is everything you need to manage your entire asset management and service process. Formalize and automate maintenance processes and prove ROI through an ecosystem that brings your vendors, assets, and service records together.

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