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Specializing in Fiber Optic and Telecommunications Products but experienced in all, We are Your One Source for purchase, rental or lease of any New or Used Electronic Test Equipment. Full Certification of Calibration available on most models. Our in house Calibration Laboratory is one of the best in the business. Ask our customers about our calibration and repair service and quick turnaround for your instruments. We have been in business over 20 years with satisfied customers from the Fortune 500 to Independent Contractors. Buy from US with confidence. International customers welcomed.

Austin, TX, 78739

A2LA : 1571.01



A2LA : 1571.01


Hours : M-F 08:00 – 17:30

Street Address : 11009 Pebble Garden Lane

City, State, Postal Code : Austin, TX, 78739

Phone : 662-9098820-22

Email : jrbloodworth@att.net

Website : http://www.us-instrument.com



Qualer is everything you need to manage your entire asset management and service process. Formalize and automate maintenance processes and prove ROI through an ecosystem that brings your vendors, assets, and service records together.

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