How Qualer Can Help During COVID-19

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How Qualer Can Help During COVID-19

The disruption to life as we know it cannot be understated in the unfolding wake of COVID-19. Your health and safety matter above all other considerations, and we at Qualer wish you and yours good health.

Navigating Work in a Crisis

In this uncertain time, reliability and assistance are essential to carrying on important work. We recognize that this moment presents unprecedented challenges to your way of life as well as your business needs. Qualer is here to help you.

Tools to Assist

Qualer offers a number of powerful tools that can assist your business at this time. One of these is Qualer Search. You can use Qualer Search to find accredited service providers for your urgent needs, particularly in this time in which some providers may not be available for essential items or work.

Essential laboratory devices like refrigerators and freezers need monitoring. This can be done remotely, so that their services can be checked. Valuable calibration records can be accessed remotely as well. This way you always know whether the crucial instruments you use for research are in top working order. This might also be a good time for someone to service equipment in-house, while other workers are away.

Qualer’s cloud-based platforms provide valuable assistance for record keeping and servicing needs, whether near or far.

Your Feedback Matters

Qualer can help you in myriad ways. And if you have needs that you want solutions for, you are always welcome to provide suggestions and feedback. This way we can work together to help your business during this time, and in the future. Let us know what you would like to see or use, for remote work, for servicing options, and for resources. We at Qualer are happy to extend a hand to help you.

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