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Over forty years of experience have gone into the development of our products. At our facility in Jackson, Wyoming, we design and build extensometers for testing around the world. Extensometers are available for testing almost all engineering materials, including metals, composites, plastics, ceramics, elastomers, geomaterials (e.g. rock, concrete, and asphalt), and biomaterials including bone. There are models for tiny and delicate samples, including relatively fine wire, up to massive metal samples and large rock cores. The huge variety of models covers nearly every type of test as well, including: tensile, compression, bend, fracture mechanics, and cyclic strain controlled tests like low cycle fatigue. Many of our extensometers are capable of relatively high frequency operation as well


A2LA : 3134.01


Jackson, WY, 83001

Epsilon Technology Corporation



A2LA : 3134.01


Hours : M-F 08:00 – 17:30

Street Address : 3975 South Highway 89, Jackson, WY, 83001

City, State, Postal Code : Jackson, WY, 83001

Phone : 307-733-8360

Email : aalexander@epsilontech.com

Website : http://www.epsilontech.com/



Qualer is everything you need to manage your entire asset management and service process. Formalize and automate maintenance processes and prove ROI through an ecosystem that brings your vendors, assets, and service records together.

At Qualer, we’ve created a transformative and collaborative, compliant asset and service management software solution.


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