Putting Passion Behind Customer Success: An Interview With Eugeniu Prodan - Qualer - Calibration Management Software
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Putting Passion Behind Customer Success: An Interview With Eugeniu Prodan

Putting Passion Behind Customer Success: An Interview With Eugeniu Prodan

As a Customer Success Associate at Qualer, Eugeniu Prodan comes to Qualer having just graduated from Berea College in Kentucky. CSA by day, musician by night, Eugeniu sat down with us to discuss his approach to customer success and what he’s hoping to get out of his first job in “the real world.”

First off, welcome! We’re super excited to have you on our team. Can you tell us a little about your background?

Sure! I’m originally from the Republic of Moldova and I’ve lived in the U.S. for the last 5 years. I recently graduated from Berea College in Kentucky with a degree in Business Administration and Economics. Over the course of my university years, I’ve had a chance to work in positions that spanned across multiple industries, from IT and Public Relations to Marketing and Finance.

These experiences made me realize that the startup culture really fits my personality. This is how my journey at Qualer began.

What are you most passionate about?

Something I’m extremely passionate about is music and its role in human culture. I really enjoy studying musical traditions from different countries. I play a bit of keys and drums, but I’m most proficient at guitar and clarinet. One day, I would love to travel to different countries in Asia and Africa and collect musical samples of folk traditions from those places. The “cherry on top” of this project would be to meet local musicians and to learn how to play folk instruments from them.

What is your best definition of customer success?

In my opinion, customer success is the process of enabling our customers to make the most out of the product they purchased. It’s a way for us to provide them with all the training and tools to become masters at using our product, which will help them run their business. The goal is to help our customers become better today compared to yesterday. Their success is our success.

Given that this is your first job out of college, what are you hoping to get from this experience?

I am very excited about the process of building an organization from its early stages. I am hoping to be part of projects that will benefit all departments at Qualer, not only Customer Success. My current side-project is developing an internal resource that will hopefully be a useful tool for all of us, whether that’s Sales, Customer Success, or Operations. These are the kinds of experiences I’d like to get, because they will expose me to the ins and outs of our organization.

Now that you’ve graduated, what advice do you wish you had at the beginning of your degree?

Don’t listen to professors who tell you that you have until the second semester of your sophomore year to declare your major. It might be difficult to graduate on time if you go that route, especially when you attend a small school. If you’re unsure about your major, do plenty of research, but don’t overthink it either. Networking is also crucial during college. So the earlier you start doing it, the better. Lastly, follow your gut feeling and be happy with the decisions you make.

Why do you feel the role of customer success is important to an organization?

One of the core responsibilities of a Customer Success department is to provide onboarding/training and implementation to a new client. However, I believe that customer success is extremely important to an organization because it forms relationships with its clients. This is not only financially beneficial for both parties, but it can also lead to some amazing product and feature developments.

Beyond your people skills, what do you feel like you bring to the Qualer team?

In terms of skills that relate to my role at Qualer, I have experience in conducting IT training projects, working with data in Excel, and performing market research.

In addition (and not so much related to the Customer Success role), I like to think that I bring an international perspective to the Qualer team since I lived most of my life in Moldova. For the last 5-6 years, I’ve been involved in various video production projects. So I’d love to contribute with my video editing skills at Qualer, too.

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