Qualer Obtains SOC 2 Type 1 Certification 

Qualer is excited to announce the successful completion of a SOC 2 Type I audit, performed by Sensiba San Filippo, LLP (SSF). A SOC 2 Type I report describes a service organization’s systems and whether the design of specified controls meets the relevant trust services categories at a point-in-time. Qualer’s SOC 2 Type I report … Read more

How Qualer Simplifies Guardbanding

Guardbanding With Confidence at Qualer 

What is Guardbanding? Guardbanding is a technique used to ensure that measurements remain accurate and reliable, even when there is a level of uncertainty or error in the measurement process. A guardband, which narrows the tolerance range of acceptable values for a measured quantity, is utilized to prevent false acceptances or false rejections, which can … Read more

3 Tips to Get Ready For Your Laboratory Audit

Everything You Need to Know About Laboratory Auditing for Quality and Regulatory Compliance Audit regulations and compliance readinessMany systems in the market today may not adequately ensure the appropriate preventive maintenance services and verifications to ensure that your performed activities adhere to the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Having the right tools … Read more

Features of Cloud Computing Software

One of the main cloud computing features is being able to access your system from any location and at any time The current challenge: many of you in the pharmaceutical industry are currently struggling with workflows, things like setting up smart flow charts, properly documenting every activity, and training teams to accomplish your business goals.  Fundamentally, … Read more

Bioscience Compliance Management Solutions,

Intelligence at the Edge With Bioscience Regulations Solution

In the modern bioscience laboratory, equipment needs to be at hand or traceable at a moment’s notice. The inefficient methods of the past led to human error: misplacement of equipment, potentially faulty records, and so on.Searching for lab assets with old methods takes too long, and invites errors and loss of certifications. Such a loss of … Read more

Calibration Management Industry Trends

Trends in Calibration Management Industries

The life sciences industry relies upon accuracy and precision to provide the highest quality of research and products. As such, calibration of instruments is used to hold any tools used in laboratories to the most stringent quality standards. With high growth in the sectors of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the need for greater efficiency becomes paramount … Read more

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration: Meeting Your Needs

Your organization needs instruments that can ensure accuracy, precision, and reproducibility, all key tenets of scientific research quality. Keeping instruments calibrated for such a task becomes paramount. So what does it mean to have ISO 17025 accreditation, and how can Qualer help? What is IEC/ISO 17025 Certification? ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation refers to a cooperative agreement … Read more

Welcome to the new face of Qualer.

If you visited our old site, you know it was past time for an update. We have spent the last few years improving our product offering and expanding our services, but our website didn’t reflect the new and exciting changes happening behind the scenes. With this new design, we’ve created a website that better reflects … Read more