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Since 1953, Braswell Scale and Equipment Company has delivered superior performance as Western North Carolina’s largest full service provider of quality weighing equipment and systems. From laboratory balances to the largest truck scales and railroad track systems, Braswell Scale can deliver the weighing product most suitable for your business, laboratory or production facility. You can count on our expertise to match your weighing requirements with the appropriate equipment and systems which can measure from fractions of a milligram in the lab to tons for railroad track or truck scales. Special applications to incorporate proprietary manufacturing processes or specific weighing requirements can be designed by our team and we can work with your engineering, IT or facility staff to assist you in choosing the system best suited for your specific needs

Asheville, NC, 28803

ANAB : AC-1205

Braswell Scale & Equipment Co, Inc


ANAB : AC-1205


Hours : M-F 08:00 – 17:30

Street Address : 1180 Sweeten Creek Rd

City, State, Postal Code : Asheville, NC, 28803

Phone : 828-274-3771

Email : daryl@braswellscale.com

Website : www.braswellscale.com



Qualer is everything you need to manage your entire asset management and service process. Formalize and automate maintenance processes and prove ROI through an ecosystem that brings your vendors, assets, and service records together.

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