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In the modern bioscience laboratory, equipment needs to be at hand or traceable at a moment’s notice. The inefficient methods of the past led to human error: misplacement of equipment, potentially faulty records, and so on.Searching for lab assets with old methods takes too long, and invites errors and loss of certifications. Such a loss of time is a critical problem. What can be done in this new era to ensure accountability? 

Edge Intelligence

Providing a collaborative ecosystem to asset owners, service providers, and manufacturers can bridge the gap and remove discrepancies. Qualer gives real-time connectivity at every step of the asset management and maintenance process. Qualer has aligned with Volteo to provide Internet of Things (IoT) capability to its platform. Implementing this partnership for traceability involves “intelligence at the edge” technology.

Keeping Track

Intelligence at the edge eliminates uncertainties, and enables frequent asset verifications at each step. You can track your assets with RFID tags, and edge intelligence will alert you of any movement of any device you have in your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. 

You will be able to find every piece of laboratory equipment in real time, with location accuracy. Your device documentation will be accessible so that you can ensure maintenance and calibrations are up to date. 

A Dynamic Duo

With Qualer and Volteo at the helm, your critical laboratory assets are efficiently managed with both firmware and software. Your asset management will operate at its greatest efficiency, relying on edge intelligence to trace, maintain, and service your devices. 

Learn how this dynamic intersection can accelerate the pace of your business. Download our PDF for more details.

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