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Reliable, Comprehensive Asset Locations
Transforming asset tracking with new, exclusive technology

Asset Tracking Capabilities

For effective asset management and service, you need every asset’s location and the assurance that it will still be there when you need it.

At Qualer, we recognize the importance of a reliable asset tracking system, so we’ve partnered with snapIOT to create snapLOCATE, a more accurate, cost-effective, and efficient solution than any other system to-date.

snapLOCATE eliminates the need for manual asset tracking and the issues caused by unreliable documentation or recording processes. With our system, you can find the physical location of any tagged assets, easily recovering “lost” items and offering essential operation and maintenance support services. Best of all, snapLOCATE is completely compatible with our platform, giving you the data and capabilities necessary to meet your asset management needs.

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How It Works

Connect to your smart devices directly to Cloud Systems.

snapIOT offers a unique software solution that allows you to connect your smart devices directly to Cloud Systems and mobile devices without the need for coding. By combining this transformative, easy-to-use technology with our asset management platform, we’ve created an effective, in-building asset tracking solution that works for companies of all sizes and budgets.



snapLOCATE operates using three hardware elements — Universal Network Hubs, Room Anchors, and Smart Asset Tags.

Used in collaboration with snapIOT’s software and Qualer’s platform, snapLOCATE creates a tracking network within your organization’s facilities.

Ready To Start Being Innovated?

snapLOCATE Universal Network Hub

Connects to snapLOCATE’s Cloud platform

The Universal Network Hub connects to snapLOCATE’s Cloud platform using either an ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular LTE connection. Using one of several available air interface capabilities, including 900-Mhz snapIOT Proprietary Protocol, ZIGBEE, and DUST, the Hub also connects to nearby Room Anchors to transmit tracking data to the Cloud platform. To create your network, each remote facility requires its own Hub.


snapLOCATE Room Anchors

Track tagged assets through your facilities.

To track tagged assets through your facilities, a Room Anchor is required for each room, pathway, or location in the coverage area. As tagged assets pass through each Room Anchor’s coverage area, your asset’s location is updated and uploaded to your Qualer dashboard through the Universal Network Hub. With this automatic data update, you can see if your asset has moved, if a particular Room Anchor has detected a new tagged asset in its coverage area, and if an asset has moved out of your coverage area. Once this data is in the snapLOCATE Cloud, it will be logged and stored for analysis and reporting of changes.

Each Room Anchor acts as a transceiver for every other Room Anchor in its coverage area. This full connectivity creates a fully integrated, intelligent mesh network that offers enhanced network availability and path redundancy for the best results. Room Anchors are powered through any USB port and easily set-up through Near Field Communication (NFC) and the snapIOT mobile app. Each Room Anchor connects to the nearest Hub using its selected Air Interference and connects to tagged assets through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections.

snapLOCATE Smart Asset Tags

Smart Asset Tags to track assets of any type, including computers, laboratory equipment, chemicals, computer peripheries, measurement equipment, and tools.

These tags are small, ovular-shaped, thin disks that can be adhered to assets using the double-sided adhesive mounting tape included with the tag. Using BLE Air Interfaces, these tags connect to nearby Room Anchors to transmit location information. Like the Room Anchors, the Smart Asset Tags are easily set-up using the snapIOT mobile app.

Smart Asset Tags are powered through internal batteries with a minimum one-year lifespan, allowing the tag to last until the asset’s next calibration service event, even in the worst-case scenario. Depending on the distance between the Smart Asset Tag and the nearest Room Anchor, as well as how often they communicate, the batteries may last longer than a year. Battery life updates are available through your Qualer dashboard and low-battery alerts are sent to notify you when batteries need to be changed.

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