Asset Tracking: Find What You Need For Work With Qualer Search

Asset Tracking: Find What You Need For Work With Qualer Search

With the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the importance of rapid research and production capabilities has never been greater. You need to maintain your laboratory assets at peak condition. To do that, you may need to search for accredited vendors outside of your typical partnerships. To maintain and calibrate your assets and find vendors based on various parameters, use Qualer search to ho help you meet your crucial needs.

Just What You’re Looking For!

Qualer is the asset management leader that provides a business in a box approach to help with everything from technical scheduling, billing, quoting, calibration needs, and efficient data entry. With Qualer Search, Qualer can help assist you with your asset servicing needs. Using Qualer Search, you can find every accredited laboratory in the United States, and filter your search based on your needs.

A Spectrum of Parameters

Qualer Search gives you the power to find accredited laboratories in the U.S. based on various parameters and uncertainty levels. You can also search for temperature, pressure, and even humidity parameters.

The scale at which Qualer Search works is impressive. With Qualer Search, you can search by location. By using Qualer Search, you will find a map of the United States, in which you can choose vendors based on your own location. Available search criteria include subcategories such as country, state, city, and proximity search to your business.

You can use Qualer Search to discern capability: search by accreditation, measured quantity, point/range, and unit of measure. You can also use Qualer Search to filter equipment by product category and service type. 

Easy Access, Just in Time

Qualer Search is free and user-friendly, giving you an interactive map that can list accredited laboratories that can suit your calibration and maintenance needs. By giving you control over highly specific parameters, you can ensure the right vendors meet your laboratory equipment standards.

Meet the current crisis by having the tools you need, when you need them. Qualer Search can help.

Access Qualer Search

Qualer is here to assist you with managing and organizing your calibration and asset management service records, validation, and more. Qualer offers cloud-based technology so you can engage in maintaining your asset records whether remotely or on-site. Learn more at

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