For Asset Owners | Qualer

For Asset Owners

Compliance peace of mind

Control and audit readiness 
Qualer's dashboards allow you to monitor audit 
readiness across your organization and alert you to
any detail out of order.

Life sciences asset management
Qualer is engineered to the specific needs of 
regulated life science organizations and 17025 
accredited laboratories.

Harmonize your processes
Normalize all of your processes under a single 
system designed to be the one answer to quality
across all of your locations, labs, and partners.

Manage your asset lifecycles
Asset lifecycle management tools equip you 
to replace instruments only when it makes 
financial sense.

Service interval awareness
Be notified when service intervals need 
tuning to save you money while staying 
fully compliant.

Greater efficiency

Instant access to 
certificates and service histories

A quick search of your integrated 
assets provides exactly the information 
your auditor needs

Empower your 
service partners

Unleash your service partners to manage
instrument quality for you within a framework 
of accountability.

Offload costs 
to your suppliers

Replace the busy work of managing your 
assets by harnessing the efforts 
of your suppliers. 

Visibility for decisions

Qualer equips you to benchmark performance not 
only across your organization, but across everyone 
in the industry. See where you're winning and 
see where you can improve.