Asset Management Through One Dashboard

Lab Asset Management Through One Dashboard

When monitoring, managing, and servicing numerous assets across your client’s organizations and your own, visibility and understanding are vital to your success. As part of our exploration of Qualer’s innovative features and functionalities, we’re taking a closer look at the comprehensive dashboards offered through our platform.

To see how you can use the Company, Asset, and Service Dashboards to improve your control, understanding, and overall management of your assets and service events, learn more about these features below.

Company Dashboard

With this dashboard, you gain a “bird’s-eye view” of your organization, including assets, employees, work orders, departments, sites, and locations. With this comprehensive understanding of each part of your organization, you can make more informed decisions about your operations and future plans.

With your Company Dashboard, you also gain access to Employee Dashboards. These dashboards allow your employees to view the assets and data that directly relate to their positions. As the administrator, you can custom build these dashboards to best equip your employees in their roles while limiting their access to information outside of their responsibilities.

Qualer’s Company and Employee Dashboards are also fully customizable, allowing you and your employees to tailor your dashboards to best support your day-to-day needs.

Asset Dashboard

As an asset manager, visibility is key to maintaining your organization’s compliance and uninterrupted operations. With the Asset Dashboard, everything you need to know about your assets is displayed and managed in one location. Monitor compliance states, review service needs, and stay on top of developments with a dashboard that is tailored to offer the information you need most.

Service Dashboards

To most effectively serve your clients and provide the best service, you need to know what’s going on with the assets you’re responsible for at all times. Our Service Dashboards are designed to give you an instant, comprehensive look at your clients’ servicing needs and their priorities. Asset servicing is just one part of your business, however, so our dashboards also offer full visibility into your company, employees, and operations. Qualer’s Service Dashboards provide everything you need to know to keep your clients happy and your company growing.

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