Qualer Asset Control™

CMMS & Compliance Software Solution

Total Asset Control System

Qualer Compliance Dashboard

Centralize and simplify your asset management process.

Our Lab Management Software allows total compliance and maximum efficiency by managing all of your assets on one, easy-to-use dashboard. Identify the current status of your assets and upcoming service deadlines across your entire organization by location and easily take action with just a few clicks.

Asset Control Systems With Interactive Alerts & Notifications

Drive automatic notifications via e-mail or sms to key personnel when your state of compliance is compromised, or actions need to be taken. 

Qualer’s alert engine strengthens the compliance accountability of each of your asset stakeholders. With over 100 available alerts, you can set three levels of notifications for your vendors, facilities, and team members, letting them know when your service events are due — days, weeks, and even months in advance.

Asset Control Solution For Real-Time Audit Readiness

Documentation & change logs to ensure constant control

With Qualer’s CMMS, we offer direct access to complete asset service histories and records to make any audit process seamless. Control and analysis of end-user events are easily managed and reviewed via Qualer’s change control and audit trail log.

Validated System

Initial and ongoing validation processes that ensure your lab is compliant

Maintaining system validation requires time and effort you can’t afford to waste. At Qualer, we offer our GAMP®5 Lab Management Software validation package that allows you to use the system in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance from the minute you’re live. With our reliable management of the IQ/OQ/PQ documentation and support services needed for CMMS system validation, we focus on the compliance work so you don’t have to.

Qualer’s Asset Control Specialists Will Optimize Your Service Scheduling

Automate your asset maintenance management in a few easy steps

From basic checks and safety rounds to complex calibrations with uncertainty calculations, Qualer’s best in class service module allows you to address and scale your organization’s asset maintenance service delivery. Schedule maintenance on all of your equipment directly with external service providers and create service orders for internal maintenance teams on various pieces of equipment using Qualer’s collaborative ecosystem.

Explore more solutions for asset management or commercial calibration and service

Qualer’s collection digital of tools and modules can completely transform your asset and service management process. Join a thriving quality ecosystem of industry collaborators today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualer’s asset compliance solutions enhance lab efficiency and compliance in asset management through:

  • Centralized Dashboard: Streamlines asset tracking, vendor scheduling, and service deadlines across the organization.
  • Automated Alerts: Ensures timely maintenance and compliance actions with interactive notifications.
  • Audit Readiness: Provides direct access to complete asset service histories for seamless audits.

These features of Qualer’s CMMS collectively ensure that labs maintain high standards of efficiency and compliance and allow labs to focus more on their core scientific activities while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

Yes, Qualer’s CMMS is an effective asset control solution that is built with an open-API interface and enables easy integration with existing laboratory systems, thereby
enhancing asset management and operational efficiency.

This integration capability allows for the centralization of data from various systems into a single, accessible platform, streamlining asset tracking and management.

Qualer’s Asset Control™ platform supports efficient asset control services in laboratories by:

  • Providing a centralized platform for tracking and managing all assets, enhancing visibility and control.
  • Automating maintenance and calibration schedules, ensuring timely servicing and vendor management.
  • Offering real-time tracking and alerts for proactive asset management.
  • Enabling data analysis and reporting for informed decision-making and audit readiness.
  • Integrating with other lab systems for streamlined operations.

These features collectively improve laboratory productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure compliance, making asset management more efficient and effective for laboratory managers.

Asset management technology, such as Qualer’s CMMS, plays a crucial role in ensuring regulatory compliance for laboratories. Digitizing calibration and maintenance record storage essential for highly-regulated organizations.. This modernized approach to record-keeping is vital during audits, providing clear evidence of compliance in an efficient manner.

The technology also automates the scheduling of maintenance and calibration, aligning with regulatory requirements and reducing operational risk. This proactive approach prevents lapses in compliance, ensuring that all equipment operates within the stipulated guidelines.

Moreover, asset management solutions offer real-time monitoring and alerts. These features keep laboratory managers informed about compliance statuses, facilitating immediate corrective actions when necessary.

Qualer’s Asset Control solution enhances lab asset tracking and maintenance with:

  • Interactive Alerts & Notifications: Automatically notifies key personnel about upcoming service events and compliance status changes.
  • Accessibility: Offers direct access to complete asset service histories and records from any internet-connected device..
  • Service Scheduling Optimization: Facilitates vendor management and  efficient scheduling of maintenance and calibration for various equipment.

These functionalities collectively ensure that lab assets are meticulously tracked and maintained.

The system’s proactive alerts and comprehensive record-keeping support streamlined operations and timely maintenance, contributing to the overall efficiency and compliance of the laboratory.

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