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Qualer is the best in class asset and service event management platform for calibration, maintenance, qualification, and regulatory compliance.

Product Highlights

Asset Compliance

Ensure, document and demonstrate the compliant state of your assets.

Maintenance & Metrology

Reduce downtime and improve efficiency of facility operations through harmonized maintenance schedules and vendor collaboration.

Asset Tracking

Monitor asset locations through snapLOCATE, an intelligent, in-building asset tracking network that sends automatic, real-time tracking updates to your Qualer dashboard.

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Commercial Calibration

Qualer is an end-to-end calibration platform to help run and expand your business, improve customer experience, and reduce turnaround time through more efficient operations.

Field Service

Complete paperless calibration procedures in the field on mobile devices. Equip technicians with mobile tools to adapt to changing conditions in the field.

Qualer Search

Utilize the industry’s first search engine of metrology services providers that offer the exact calibration services you need — instantly..

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Shaping The Future of Asset Health

Qualer is a solution with a singular focus: shaping the future of asset health. We’ve designed a collaborative ecosystem that connects all of the pieces and people you need to manage the lifecycle of critical assets together. Qualer empowers all stakeholders to communicate seamlessly under a single platform, creating alignment, and making sure the right people are involved at the right time.

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