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Qualer empowers you to achieve new levels of
quality and control through best in class asset,
compliance, and product management tools in a
collaborative network of your partners and peers.

 Leadership Team

Alex Spector

Alex is a visionary behind the collaborative quality network of Qualer. His Life Science industry and calibration service experience spans 20+ years and is marked by pioneering solutions and original products used by 14,000 companies worldwide. 

Colin Walker

Colin is a business leader with ten years of experience designing, building, launching, and marketing new technologies. In previous roles, he led the product strategy for SaaS platforms with $35m in revenue, and played a pivotal role in developing companywide product strategy at a $120m enterprise SaaS company.

Michael Morozov 

Michael leads the development organization at Qualer. His passion for solving significant problems with innovative software design is complemented by 25 years of software consulting work for large and small companies, including Fortune 100 organizations.


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